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Seal printing

Printed on rolled paper for seals and usually cut out, but We can make also special paper, that has been applied with paste.

Seal printing Seal printing


We are available for Bookbinding, with the possiblity to change the pattern on every bookbinding and page of a notebook, letter paper, memo paper, or accounting documents.

Bookbinding Bookbinding

Original punching

It bends in a Belt-shaped blade in a free form and has punching die. This work that is essential to produce packages.

Original punching Original punching


Boxes to put a present or an expensive thing inside. It adds beauty and a sense of quality by using exquisite Washi (Japanese traditional paper).

Boxmaking 製函


Mizuhiki is being used in various fields while respecting the long standing traditions stemming from the Muromachi period.

Mizuhiki Mizuhiki

Bag manufacturing

Bags of various sizes that can be made into many shapes, from a handbag, an envelope, Pochi bukuro, or chopsticks to a toothpick.

Bag manufacturing Bag manufacturing


Raises water resistance and confidentiality by thermal-welding a sheet over the paper using products such as polyethylene. It is commonly used for packing Japanese sweets.

Laminate Laminate

Manual labor

We accept inspection for our unit packed products, manual industry products or products which cannot be processed by machines.

Manual labor Manual labor

Offset printing

Very high-definition expression is possible for printing, but with the limitation of the needs to adjust facility settings for problems such as paper feed or paper powder, especially when printed on WASHI. We have also introduced FM screening for high-definition CTP on printing plates.

Offset printing Offset printing


There are various printing machines using a method consisting of putting ink on the convex side of the printing plate. It can emulate the degree of expression of Washi prints done by woodcut plates. When We do process-printing, it is typically a time-consuming work, but that is unquestionably necessary for workmanship to be superior, and that is also our work's biggest charm.

Letterpress子 Letterpress

Thin paper print

As for thin papers featuring a transparent soft feel of some materials, heliogravure is generally used on rolled paper, but it is a difficult process that can become an issue when production needs to be increased. The offset printing of a small lot is possible, but a lot of printing expertise is necessary for keeping the paper shiny, and maintaining the paper feed without creating wrinkles.

Thin paper print Thin paper print

Other print

We are available for various prints which can be put together into a texture, using the characteristics of specific papers, having second processing or not, by production lot or on a budget. The offset printing for a non-woven fabric or eight colors of high-definition "flexo" prints are still uncommon special printed matter for the general public.

Other print Other print

Foil pressing

It is a method to print foils by heat transcription. Available in monochrome, holograms, or luxurious gold and silver.

Foil pressing Foil pressing


It is a technique that lets a relief-formed pattern or letters stand out without using foil. Patterns stand out when held up against light, thanks to a technique used to thin the paper thickness on that part of the pattern. Often used for a diploma or a certificate.

Ukidashi Ukidashi


A technique that draws a pattern on paper without using any ink, it is used to increase the quality of the texture.

Embossment Embossment


A pattern that stands out when held up against light in technique to thin the paper thickness of the part of the pattern. It's used for a diploma or a certificate.

Watermark Watermark


It is technique to dye cut side of the paper (rim). It creates a unique texture unlike printing, and leaves a wonderful feel that only handicraft can provide.

Fuchizome Fuchizome


It is available in various sizes made on an automatic folding machine.

Folding Folding


An artisan of exceptional skill creates a unique and wonderful texture with crumple paper. It is used for congratulatory gifts or a fancy boxes.

Crumple Crumple

inserting paper

Wonderful textures are possible using different types and thickness of papers pasted together into a single sheet.

inserting paper inserting paper